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Uzi Wiesel

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Born in 1977 in Israel, he enjoyed a stellar rise to fame as a child prodigy and appeared in some of the world's most prestigious venues with orchestras such as the Israel Philharmonic, the Munich Philharmonic and the Baltimore Symphony, working alongside many celebrated conductors including Zubin Mehta, Philippe Entremont and Giuseppe Sinopoli.

Having graduated from three major academies on three continents and having won more than twelve top prizes in major competitions, Lipkind found himself at the pinnacle of his youthful achievements.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote of him: "A new star ascends the cello sky... The young Israeli cellist is one of the major musicians to have entered the music scene in recent years..."

Assured of his success as a musician, Lipkind decided to take a sabbatical to focus wholly on other areas of his musicianship - to expand his repertoire, liaise with composers and make recordings of the highest quality.

At this pivotal point in his development, during which he based himself in the mountainous region above Frankfurt, Lipkind produced two contrasting recordings: Miniatures and Folklore, featuring his own arrangements and Single Voice Polyphony (Volume I), showcasing Bach Cello Suites. These two discs represent very different, yet equally important facets of Lipkind's musical creativity - his own compositional voice, coupled with a deep knowledge of the cello - and both show him moving from strength to strength as a musician.
As well as all the major works for cello, Lipkind's repertoire now also encompasses numerous rarities, newly-commissioned works and his own arrangements and transcriptions.

It is a particular feature of Lipkind's own committed brand of musicality that he aims to make a real difference with the cello; to enrich the experience of the audience and to provide a forum for greater interaction.

Lipkind plays an A. M. Garani cello (Bologne, 1702) sponsored by the Commerzbank Stiftung.

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