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Johann Prell

Sebastian Lee (1805-1887), a talented musician whose performing style was called classical by his contemporaries, was a pupil of the Hamburg cellist Johann Prell (1773-1849), who in turn studied with Romberg. In 1837-1843, Lee was soloist in the Grand Opera orchestra in Paris; he taught there until 1868, and then returned to Hamburg.

In both his playing and the violoncello Method that he edited in 1845, Lee combined features of the German and French trends. His Method was accepted as a manual at the Paris conservatoire and was dedicated to Louis Pierre Norblin, a professor there. As it contains certain praiseworthy methodics material and melodious music, it was republished in different countries, including Russia." In the Soviet Union, the Method was published in Andrey Borisjak's edition (1940). Lee's etudes and cello duets have also been used in teaching in more modern times.

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