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Joowon Kim
Leonid Gorokhov
Kristina Melnyk
David Hetherington
Lucia Swarts

Lief began learning the cello in Montreal with Kristina Melnyk. After moving to Toronto, he continued his studies with Joowon Kim and played in the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, eventually becoming its principal cellist. In 2004, at the age of 18, Lief moved to London to study with Natalia Pavlutskaya and later with Leonid Gorokhov. He also spent some time living in Krakow, Poland where he had the opportunity to travel to Zagreb and play for Valter Despalj. Three years after going to London he returned to Toronto to study with David Hetherington under full scholarship at the Glenn Gould School and performed as cellist of the Glenn Gould Piano Quartet. In September 2008 his love of baroque music brought him to the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, where he studied the baroque cello with Lucia Swarts, earning a bachelor degree in the subject in two years. Lately, Lief has been exploring other artistic and music fields and has recently had the opportunity to perform solo cello improvisation in Sweden. Lief currently lives in Berlin.

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