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solo, chamber, orchestra


Rachman Noor was born in June 1988 in Jakarta. At 15, he decided to study the cello after listening to a classical cello piece from his father's car audio. He studied under Mrs. Erfy Larasati for two years, then continued to study the instrument by himself. In early 2005, he joined Twilite Youth Orchestra, one the best youth orchestra in Indonesia, and immediately became the principal cellist, a post he held for two years, playing symphonic works by Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, movie composers, and contemporary works. That same year, a few months apart after joining Twilite Youth Orchestra, he joined Twilite Orchestra, his first professional orchestra and continued to stay in both orchestras until late 2007.

After an absence of one year, he began playing in Twilite Youth Orchestra again in 2008, this time as an additional cellist, helping his comrades whenever an extra set of hands is needed.

Now, beside playing in Twilite Youth Orchestra, he also plays in Daya Orchestra, a youth orchestra belonging to Institut Musik Daya Indonesia. He also plays in BEE, The Musical Buzz - a string quintet playing mostly ethnic music.

Besides playing cello, he is also managing BEE, The Musical Buzz, arranging and orchestrating works of music, studying in college, and baking breads.

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