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Hans-Jorgen Jensen
Stephen Balderston

A native of Minnesota, Alexander Hersh moved to Chicago at the age of 2. He began playing cello at the age of 5 studying first with Ron Chambers, and later with Stephen Balderston. When he was 9, he joined the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra Concert Orchestra. Alex's performance in the 2006 Chicago Youth Concert Orchestra Concerto Contest earned him an honorable mention. He also received an honorable mention in the Junior Division of the 2007 MYA/Walgreens Competition. Alex took first place at the Chicago Youth Concert Orchestra Concerto Contest in 2007, and performed as soloist with the orchestra in 2008.

Born into a family of string players, Alex is the 4th generation to play an instrument. His father, Stefan Hersh, and mother, Roberta Freier are both active professional violinists. His grandfather Paul Hersh, teaches piano and viola at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and his great grand father, Ralph Hersh, was the violist in the Stuyvesant quartet and Principal violist in the Dallas and Atlanta Symphony Orchestras.

An active attendee of summer programs, Alex has attended such festivals as the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra music camp, Madeline Island Music Camp, and the Meadowmount School of Music. Alex currently attends Jones College Prep, and the Academy program at the Music Institute of Chicago, where he is on scholarship. Alex currently studies with Hans Jensen. He plays an early 20th century Italian cello made by Anselmo Gotti.

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