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Bernhard Romberg
Johann Prell
Julius Goltermann

Johann Prell's son August Christian Prell (1805-1885) was also a pupil of Romberg. He taught Eduard Georg Goltermann (1824-1898) who later took advanced studies under the Munich cellist Joseph Menter, father of the famous pianist Sophie Menter. Goltermann toured in many countries and won extensive popularity because of his eight cello concertos and many pieces. Unlike most of his compositions which completely lost any value because of the sentimental, often salon style (the violoncello was "an instrument of soul" there, which was so typical of the sentimental romantic tendency in the art of the cello), due to their melodiousness, clear form and naturally used technique (thirds in the first concerto, octaves in the second, and sixths in the third) the concertos still retain their teaching value.

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